The Red Beanie Thunder Dragon Project

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Inspiration – Michelle Hogan, Director of My Secret Bhutan, spoke at Soroptimist International of Cambridge’s meeting about a new educational scholarship program for women and girls in Bhutan. She also shared her experience of working there and talked about the dedication of Buddhist nuns and their life.

Action – Pamela Fruin and Patricia Cowley invited Soroptimist International sister s and friends to sew, knit or crochet red beanies for the Nuns of Bhutan. The Red Beanie Thunder Dragon Project started to breathe fire. Soroptimist International sisters at South Perth, Joondalup, Karratha and Districts, Rockingham, Fremantle and Cambridge and their friends together made 424 red beanies; 276 polar fleece beanies and 148 knitted and crocheted or commercially made beanies. What a fantastic effort!

Delivery – Two bags of securely wrapped red beanies travelled with us to their final destination in Bhutan. The largest bag with 300 red beanies found its new home in Bumthang and the smaller bag of 124 beanies was delivered in Thimpu. Pema Thak Cho-ling Tang Bebzur Nunnery in Bumthang Bezbur Nunnery is in the remote area of Bumthang in central Bhutan. Our guide Kuenga arranged the visit, introduced us to the head Monk Khampo Sonam Tetjay, senior monk and nun and Sherab, a beautiful, gracious nun who translated for us. 50 nuns assembled in the prayer hall and under the guidance of their seniors, began to chant a prayer ceremony.

Prayers of thanks and prayers to wish us safe travel. Sherab said that ‘we would not be forgotten until their bodies turn to ashes’. A protocol that was observed in giving the beanies, the most important first. As the nuns left there were giggles of excitement. 150 nuns live at Pema Thak Cho-ling Tang Bebzur Nunnery in austere accommodation. Funding for building, maintenance and its operation is mainly from donations. The winters in Bhutan are severe with temperatures as low as minus 20. 300 beanies were delivered here and will bring a little comfort during the winter. Zilukha Nunnery in Thimpu Pema Pal, the senior nun, a beautiful, gentle, caring woman welcomed us. She has 50 nuns in her care including lots of little nuns. The nuns assembled and held a prayer ceremony for us. Beanies were given to the nuns here.

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