SI Cambridge – Thunder Dragon Red Beanie Month for the Nuns of Bhutan

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Bhutan, the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon is high in the Himalayas where living conditions are harsh. This is especially so for the Nuns of Bhutan. Girls and women in Bhutan become Nuns to seek a peaceful, selfless and spiritual life in the belief they can contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of all sentient beings through direct action or prayer. Some become Nuns to seek refuge from extreme poverty, overwhelming social challenges, loss of family, deprivation or in search of alternative education.  The majority of them come from poor homes and receive no support from their families.

For most of Bhutan’s nuns, life is very harsh. Most nunneries are located in very remote areas with basic living conditions that often lack clean water, electricity, sanitation, and adequate nutrition in their daily meals. Nunneries in Bhutan receive no government funding. Private and community support is extremely limited leaving the girls and women in many nunneries vulnerable and neglected.

A nun’s attire is very simple and a warm beanie would be a welcomed addition to make her life a little more comfortable during winter.

Nuns play a crucial role in preserving Bhutan’s traditions and culture and serve as role models for grassroots women especially now, as outside influences severely impact the traditional values of Bhutan. Helping the Nuns will benefit all women and girls in Bhutan, especially in rural areas.

Show the warmth in your heart and warm the heads of Bhutanese Nuns.Cambridge beanies Bhutan nuns

Knit, crochet or sew a beanie any colour red, dark red, cherry or burgundy but it must be all the same colour.

Make October the Thunder Dragon Red Beanie month.

One of our members will be travelling to Bhutan early November and will take the beanies to the Nuns.

Contact Pamela Fruin on 0419 938 299 to deliver your red beanies by 1 November.

Please click here to view patterns to knit, crochet and sew beanies

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